The Story Behind Penny Pinch

Saint Lucia’s First Digital Savings Plaform

By Martin Hanna

Hey! It’s me, Martin Hanna; CEO of Penny Pinch and this is my story.

I am a young Saint Lucian Entrepeneur with a passion for new technology. My dream was to always create something new and unique in Saint Lucia with a vision of scaling to the entire Caribbean. 19 years old at the time, it was difficult brainstorming a product that we Saint Lucian’s would love and use.

 I took the summer of 2018 off to refresh my mind and come up with ideas.At that time I was a freelance graphic designer and just finished up my associates degree in Architecture at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. 

I knew I wanted to provide a platform, a market place where business owners can connect with their customers. In doing extensive research, I found out that coupon marketing was an effectinve form of bringing in traffic and boosting sales. That’s when it hit me, with knowledge of how  international platforms such as Retailmenot & Groupon worked, I would then create Saint Lucia’s First Digital Savings Platform called Penny Pinch.

I would spend days and nights writing down ideas, thinking of names, logo designs and how exactly i would want the website/app to work especially at Startup budget. 

As a Graphic designer, the name and logo design came to me quick. I knew exactly what i wanted, something simple that sounds nice and looks good.

Shown below is the Penny Pinch Logo Icon that I came up with.



Further down the line, I designed the wireframe of the website. I worked with a developer who brought my idea to life. Despite facing many challenges such as funding and time, with persitance and patience. It was finally time to approach potential business owners with an MVP Product. With a nicely created presentation, I then headed out door to door to every company near me, scheduling meetings and presenting the platform to business owners.

With immence positive feedback, I felt confident that I had the golden idea. 

Approaching over 30+ Business owners, It was time to let the public know.At the time it was the Christmas season, I partnered up with a few merchants in creating a 12 Days of Xmas Giveaway. Business owners were very supportive of Penny Pinch and went the extra mile to help me achieve my goals. 

With a small promo video and a few flyers, I was ready to let the public know that something big was coming. December 8th was the day that i prelaunced, with massive support from friends and family, the word spread around like a wildfire. I knew i had a product that Saint Lucian’s loved and couldnt wait to use. 

Fast forward a few months, Penny Pinch was finally launched in early 2019. Publishing an app and website for the general public to browse a catalouge of coupons from various retailers island wide. Customers would even receive push notification when new coupons are out as well as save coupons to favourites. Business owners got access to their own dashboard where they can create,manage and redeem coupons.

The App is now available on both Android & IOS as Well as Pennypinchslu.com

“Create value and you will receive value” – Martin Hanna

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